A little about Heavy Right Foot Coffee Company

Coffee and Cars bring people together!

HRFCC was born in the middle of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic in April of 2020 in West Central Indiana.

I was at my auto shop opening up one morning and I realized that my coffee really wasn't very good.  I was drinking something that came out of a little plastic cup that I had no idea what was in it or how old it was.  It sucked!

I reached out to a local Master Coffee Roaster and had a conversation. I talked with him about my idea to make great coffee for car people like me.  We started roasting and testing blends to come up with that day. 

We made, what I would call, multiple perfect coffee roasts and blends that I wanted to serve in my business that also represent my quality and love of what I do.  

The first one that was born was the Turbo Blend.  It got its name by being light with a fantastic floral finish, just like a boosted high-power import!   

Next came the Diesel Stout.  I wanted a dark roast that would stand up to heavy cream and still be full flavor.

The Muscle Car came from the desire for a classic medium roast that finishes clean.

The Long Black Cadillac was born when we wanted that super-luxurious medium-dark feeling like velvet dark chocolate!

Cream and sugar, black, or however you may like yours, you will love our coffee.

For thirty years I have taken care of people and their transportation needs in my Automotive Service and Repair business in Indiana.  I started working with my father in the family business when I was 14.  I have drank a lot of coffee and talked a lot of car talk over the years.

Cars and Coffee always go well together. 

We look forward to more exciting blends and brand functions in the future.

Thank you for taking a minute to learn a little about who we are!